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ABOUT ROSETTA STONE started work in 1992. It is a language software we can also called it a cloud based language program. This language education is for individuals, schools, home school pupils, and businesses. So everyone can learn more than 24 languages via their cloud-based lessons. Learning through this software is very easy. Students can easily correct their accent and pronunciation by using real-life conversations.

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Rosetta stone are offering a wide variety of languages to expand your knowledge. You can start your lessons today and become a more unique and diverse candidate. Some of them are following;

French Language

If you are thinking about a romantic trip to Paris, French language make your trip superb.

Korean Language

Korean is another nice language. If you want to learn more about this culture, people and history, you should enrolled yourself at Rosetta stone.

Arabic Language

Arabic is most loving language that people want to learn now a days. If you are planning to travel in the Middle East speaking Arabic will surely help you with your travels.

Spanish Language

Spanish is a great language mostly people ever wanted to learn this language, but they were unsure of where to start. Rosetta stone offers complete Spanish language which gives you help when you travel.

Russian Language

If you want to learn and speak this Slavic language join Rosetta stone. You avail the great chance to learn something new.

Chinese Language

Everyone know that Chinese is the language of the future. People know that it is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. If you want to boost your business must learn Chinese language.

Greek Language

Hey, you want to learn the ancient language of Greek. This is the best time to fulfill you desire today. Join Rosetta stone and start learning.


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Discount For Military Members and Businesses

Active military members and business person can also qualify for a 10% discount. If you save even more use a Rosetta stone promo code and coupon codes and get more discounts on different deals of Rosetta stone.

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