The Craziest Fashion Sock Trends & Patterns for 2020

The Craziest Fashion Sock Trends & Patterns for 2020

When it comes to fashion, individuals like to make statements. There’s a reason why the well-known phrase exists, after all. One of the ways people like to add a little zing to their wardrobes is by wearing crazy and colorful socks and patterns.

Just how weird are some of these fads? Hold on to your socks, because we’re going to take you through a few of the craziest fashion sock trends and patterns for 2020.

Tie-Dye and Crazy Colors Fashion Sock Trends

Tie-Dye and Crazy Colors

Wearing purple socks with orange and green patterns are no longer tacky – it’s a fashion statement. Tie-dye is also making a big comeback. You’ll find it in top designer collections, adorning shoes, shirts, handbags, and, of course, socks.

Fun colors are also a terrific way to brighten our days, current events considered. In fact, the rise of these strange styles indicates that people need a little color in their lives right now.

Pineapple Pizza and Other Foods

If you think eating pineapple on pizza is a good thing, show it proudly. Aside from these popular socks, you can get ones with most other foods as well. Decorate your feet with green avocados on neon pink monstrosities or curl your toes and demand tacos.

Why is food footwear so prevalent? No one really knows. It’s just another fashion mystery. Even so, you’ll find hundreds of delicious looking and eye-gouging options available at most online stores with discount code too.

Make a Statement

Political socks

Your “Vote Now!” socks won’t be the first time that fashion’s been used to make a political statement – or the last. Celebrities often don outrageous outfits to share their opinions.

Political socks are one of the trends that have hit the crazy footwear market of 2020. It’s not just about that, either. Yes, you can support your favorite electoral candidate with a pair while keeping your toes warm, but there are other causes you can champion, too.

Do you support pride month? There’s a sock for that! What about Black Lives Matter? There’s a pair for that, too. Since the hashtags #socks and #sockoftheday are trending on Instagram, it’s a fantastic way to show your support for causes online.

Customized Socks

Are the socks available in the store not wild enough for you? Too short, too long, or not the right design? Have your own made! Customized ones are becoming increasingly popular.

Some corporations and sports companies even use them to advertise, and with good reason. Research shows that 85% of consumers remember apparel items, which reinforces brand awareness.

Your options don’t end there, however. Go crazy, get your favorite patterns, or just make a statement. The sky’s the limit.

Sports and Teams

What better way to sing your team’s praises while keeping your toes warm than a personalized pair of socks? Add emblems, logos, or names to show your support. You can get customized socks from Elite Sports Socks, for example, to complement your footwear wardrobe with your squad’s colors.

Whether you want to support your favorite basketball, baseball, or university sports team, a pair of one-of-a-kind socks is the perfect way to do so.

Cannabis Fashion

Cannabis Fashion

With legislation changing around the world, leaf-lovers have taken to wearing their passion for cannabis on their sleeves, feet, and pretty much everywhere else. It’s one of fashion’s biggest trends.

If you want to showcase your love for cannabis, then socks are a great way to do just that. Pair them with a few other accessories, and everyone will be green with envy.

Take Away

It hasn’t been the best of years, which may be why so many of us have turned to socks. They’re the unsung heroes of lockdown, keeping us entertained as shoes become somewhat obsolete.

Make a statement with a tie-dyed, colorful, cannabis, or food-adorned pair of socks. You could even get them customized or branded with your team logo. With 2020’s crazy fashion trends, just about anything goes.

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