Top 10 Low-Cost Travel Insurance Companies

What is Travel Insurance?

Before we talk about cheap travel insurance companies, we must know about travel insurance. Travel insurance covers losses and costs related to travel. This protection is very useful for domestic or abroad travelers. According to a recent survey by an insurance company Battle face, more than half of US residents have paid losses for not having travel insurance. More than 30% of the residents like to purchase travel insurance, especially for their domestic trips.

Low Coast Travel Insurance Companies

How Travel Insurance Works

There are many ways to save your money on travel plans. The company sells travel packages or tickets, they give us the option to choose travel insurance, this insurance often covers different expenses on our property as well as our rental equipment like our cars, etc.

They offer different packages; main categories include interruption coverage, trip cancellation, lost baggage, accident in flight, medical coverage, accidental death, etc. It also covers lost passports, booking again of canceled flights, through their 24/7 emergency services.

Top 10 Low-Cost Travel Insurance Companies 2021

10 Cheapest travel insurance companies are listed below:

1. April travel protection

2. Trawick International

3. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

4. Seven corners

5. AXA Assistance USA

6. Generali Global Assistance

7. HTH Travel Insurance

8. Allianz Travel Insurance

9. Nationwide Insurance

10. IMG Travel Insurance

Coverage limits availability differs from state to state and due to pandemic situations flight cancellation changes by the provider. So before traveling contact your service provider for assistance.

Different packages and services of each company are listed below:

1. April travel protection

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $75

April travel protection is very useful for travelers who travel throughout the year. It offers plans for single trips and annual trips as well. Single trip clients can choose between cruise-specific or VIP plans. The VIP plan covers up to $1milion for emergency removal. It covers 100% trip cancellation and 180% of trip interruption reimbursement. The single trip for a cruise offers 100% trip cancellation and 160% trip interruption.

2. Trawick International

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $60

Trawick international provides options for all types of travelers including students, heading abroad, tourists, families, business people, groups, etc. It has 12 different types of plans clients can select among these plans which suit best for them. They have a safe voyager travel plan. It covers $100,000 for canceling a trip and covers medical coverage up to $250,000. It also includes COVID-19 medical expenses. This plan also offers numerous options like lost baggage, car damage, trip delay, etc.

3. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $92

Berkshire Hathaway is the most cost-effective insurance plan; it offers 100% of cancellation and interruption cost, 75% for damage or lost baggage, $200 for baggage delays, and also provides 24/7 travel assistance. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection also provides medical coverage up to $15,000 and $150,000 for emergency medical coverage.

4. Seven Corners

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $90

Seven corners insurance company offers coverage for US residents and also provides medical coverage to US visitors. It also provides travel insurance coverage for groups, and for students. Seven corners offer 3 tiers

·   Round trip economy

·   Round trip choice

·   Round trip E-lite

5. AXA Assistance USA

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $110

AXA assistance USA offers 3 tiers to give options to customers to choose plan according to their budget.

Silver Plan: This is the most affordable plan which covers 100% trip interruption and cancelation. Covers $100 for trip delays, covers $500 for missed connections, $100,000 for medical emergency evacuation, $25,000 for sickness and accidents, and also gives $200 to $750 coverage to baggage delays and personal effects.

Platinum and Gold coverage plan: These plans will charge more than the silver plan. Platinum is the highest-paid plan but also provides Axa schengen promo code through which they give us multiple discounts, this coverage comes with some special coverage to the travelers like $25 per day for lost ski days, covers with $500 for lost golf days and for sports equipment rentals $1000. It also offers a 10 days money-back guarantee which really works for our change of mind.

6. Generali Global Assistance

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $107

Generali global assistance provides us 3 options starting from basic to premium policy. The basic standard plan offers 100% vacation trip cancellation, 125% for the trip interruption; it also includes $50,000 for medical coverage and $500 for dental services(emergency), also same for missed connection and luggage delay. Generali global assistance preferred and premium plans have the same coverage in higher limits.

7. HTH Travel Insurance

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $112

HTH travel insurance provides a wide range of travel insurance coverage options. You can buy only medical coverage for one trip or more than one. It totally depends on you. It also has 3 triers:

·   Economy

·   Classic

·   Preferred

Economy: It is the most affordable and convenient plan, covering $5000 for trip cancellation, 125% for trip interruption, $750 for baggage and personal effects, $100 for baggage delay, $500 for trip delay, $75000 for accident and sickness, and $500,000 for medical transportation coverage.

The classic and preferred plan covers more benefits at higher costs.

8.  Allianz Travel Insurance

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $111

Allianz travel insurance provides plenty of plan coverage from single to annual trips. It provides two types of plans:

One trip cancellation plus: covers $5000 trip interruption and cancellation and up to $150 for travel delay coverage and 24-hour assistance.

One trip basic: includes $10,000 for trip interruption and cancellation, 24/7 assistance, $10,000 for medical and dental coverage, $50,000 for luggage loss and medical emergency transportation.

9. Nationwide Insurance

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $114

Nationwide insurance provides three types of plan cruise, single, and multiple-trip plans. Their single trip is the most popular plan, it covers $10,000 on trip cancellation, $150 to $600 for travel delays, $75,000 for illness and accidents, $500 for a dental medical emergency, and $250,000 for medical emergency evacuation. It also covers lost luggage and luggage delays. Whereas cruise and multiple plans offer a variety of options for trip cancellation, medical problems, safety nets, and weather-related trips delays, etc.

10. IMG Travel Insurance

Cost of travel insurance (Average): $112

IMG Travel Insurance proposes many types of insurance plans you can buy, starting from specialty plans especially for travelers ages 65, and above for expats, students, and business travelers. It has 3 main tiers:

iTravelInsured Travel Lite: It is the most low-cost coverage plan. It gives 100% trip cancellation, 125% of trip interruption, $500 for travel delays. It also covers emergency illness, hijacking terrorist activity, death, and financial default of travel provider

iTravelInsured Travel SE: Comparatively high in prices covers little more than travel lite plan.

iTravelInsured Travel LX: It provides much higher limits. You can also withdraw your plan within 24 hours of purchasing it.


Travel insurance is the best thing you can do before going on a vacation, but it only makes sense if you are going on a long trip especially along with your family to cover your sudden expenses like illness, dental care, your lost luggage, or your cancellation of your trip, etc. The best time to buy travel insurance is a week before you are about to fly for your vacation. Travel insurance companies also offer travel insurance promo codes that give you a discount to have additional benefits to your trip.

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